Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics


Aims and Scope

The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE) provides a forum for innovative and scholarly work in agricultural and resource economics. First published in 1997, the Journal succeeds the Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics and the Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics, upholding the tradition of these long-established journals. Accordingly, the editors are guided by the following objectives:

  1. To maintain a high standard of analytical rigour offering sufficient variety of content so as to appeal to a broad spectrum of both academic and professional economists and policymakers, and
  2. In maintaining the tradition of its predecessor journals, to combine articles with policy reviews and surveys of key analytical issues in agricultural and resource economics. Further information about AJARE is available from the journal webpage.

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Past issues

Table of contents and abstracts from past issues are available from the Wiley-Blackwell Publishing website.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts can now be submitted electronically to AJARE via an Electronic Editorial Management System. The web-site for submission is here. The new electronic system is more efficient, more accessible, and fully secure. It has important benefits for authors and reviewers, as well as for the editors. Manuscripts will no longer get lost or be delayed in the mail; there will be shorter lags between submission of a manuscript and delivery to reviewers; and further time will be saved by automating some editorial functions. Authors can track the progress of their paper online as it makes its way through the review process. Authors wanting to submit manuscripts should first read the new guidelines to authors, which can be accessed here.

2017-2019 AJARE Editorial Team


The current editorial team is made up of Frank Scrimgeour, John Gibson and Ric Scarpa from the Economics Department at the University of Waikato.  They commenced the transition from the current editors in April 2016.

  • "Our team is enthusiastic to accept the challenge of making a substantial contribution to AARES by maintaining and enhancing he existing high quality of the Journal set by the outgoing editorial team."

The team has a long history of research pertaining to the economics of agriculture and natural resources and economics more generally with John having 143 international refereed journal articles, Ric 111 and Frank 49.  Between them, they have refereed for over 100 journals, including the very best economics journals.  They have all presented papers at AARES conferences and refereed AJARE papers.  The team have wide research interests with publications on topics that include agricultural policy reforms, China's agriculture, choice experiments, economic development, energy economics, international agricultural trade, non-market valuation and recreation.

Frank Scrimgeour John Gibson Ric Scarpa
Frank Scrimgeour John Gibson Ric Scarpa