Membership Rates


Membership fees

We offer 3 tiers of membership


Membership rates

Ordinary and Emeritus members may now opt to take out 3 years' membership. In order to adjust your online membership invoice accordingly, you must first advise the Central Office so your billing details can be updated.

  • All memberships are for the calendar year (Jan to Dec).
  • All amounts are in Australian dollars.
  • Ordinary 1 years Membership $140.00

    Paper journal

    Ordinary 3 years Membership $370.00

    Paper journal

    Student 1 years Membership $20.00

    Paper journal

    Student 3 years Member N/A
    Emeritus 1 year Membership* $70.00

    Paper journal

    Emeritus 3 years Membership* $160.00

    Paper journal

    International Membership - Developing Country** $20.00

    Paper journal

    For all options - if you elect to have a paper copy of the journal additional fee applies annually $30.00

    * To qualify for Emeritus Membership, it is necessary to be +60 years of age, not in full employment and to have been a member of AARES for at least 10 years. Members wishing to qualify for Emeritus Membership must first contact the AARES Central Office.

    ** To qualify for International Membership - Developing Country, you must reside in a country recognised as being Low-income / Lower-middle-income / Upper-middle-income, as identified by the World Bank database.