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AARES has run an occasional webinar program since 2012. The following are selected examples.  Each webinar description below has a "Webinar flyer" icon, which if opened, provides an abstract and speaker biography.  After you've reviewed this information for the webinars, click on your selection, either on the Webinar title or on the "Watch Recording" link below, to register and watch. Each Webinar is hosted by Rod McInnes, Webinar Co-ordinator and former Manager Promotion and Development, AARES Federal Council (2012-2019) and presented with slides by a guest speaker.

Measuring the Returns to Investment in Research, Development and Extension in the Australian Grains Industry

Presented by: Kuo Li, University of Melbourne
Hosted by: AARES Federal Council with Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) 
Date: Wednesday 4 September 2019
Time: 2:00pm NZST, 12:00pm AEST, 10:00am AWST
Venue: University of Melbourne
Webinar link: Watch recorded webinar Due to a recording error, the presentation starts at the second slide.  The title slide and first slide can be viewed in the following Pdf of the full slide set.

Slides: Webinar Slides as PDF
Webinar flyer:
Webinar flyer

The Australian grains industry is fundamental to the overall agricultural sector, comprising one of Australia’s largest category of food exports. Over recent decades, the grains industry has faced challenges. A slowing in the total factor productivity of the industry has been brought about by factors such as climate change, extreme weather events, declining research, development and extension, and slower adoption of new technologies. This has been coupled with a surge in competition from emerging markets due to price advantages. In order to increase productivity and maintain international competitiveness, greater and better-targeted investments in research, development and extension is required. Equilibrium Displacement Models (EDMs) are useful for estimating the net benefits of agricultural R&D and the distribution of these benefits along the value chain, providing a way of evaluating the merits of different research investments. This research project develops three EDMs, one for each main agroecological region in Australia—Western, Southern and Northern. Combined together, they provide a stylised representation of the Australian grains industry aiming to assist in the investment decision making process by Research Development and Extension (RD&E) funders. 

Speaker: Kuo Li is a final year PhD student at the School of Agriculture and Food, University of Melbourne. His PhD project is sponsored by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and supervised by AARES Distinguished Fellows Professors Garry Griffith, Ross Kingwell and Bill Malcolm. He previously worked in urban development economics in the private sector with SGS Economics and Planning. He commenced his professional career as a Victorian Government Graduate Trainee. 

The webinar arises from Ph.D. Research funded by GRDC.  The most relevant publicly available current source material from this research is the following paper on the WA grains industry:

Li, Kuo et al (2019) Measuring the Returns to Investment in RDE in the WA Grains Industry Using Equilibrium Displacement Modelling Australasian Agribusiness Review