Office Bearers




Doctor Sorada Tapsuwan

CSIRO Land and Water

President-Elect / Immediate Past President


Prof Jeffery Connor

The University of South Australia

Immediate Past President

Doctor Thilak Mallawaarachchi

University of Queensland

Other Board Members


Doctor Helena Clayton

Australian National University

Manager, Promotion & Development

Doctor Nikki Dumbrell



Doctor Luis Emilio Morales

University of New England

AJARE Editor

David Stern

Australian National University

Investment Committee

Prof John Rolfe

Central Queensland University

Editor, News & Views

Mrs Claire Doll

University of Western Australia


LOC Chair (2025)

Doctor Dominic Smith

Griffith University

LOC Chair (2024)

Doctor Todd Sanderson

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

Branch Councillors

Australian Capital Territory

Doctor Tim Capon


East Asia

Prof Yu Sheng

Australian National University

New England

Prof Oscar Cacho

University of New England

New South Wales

Doctor Michael Harris

Department of Planning and Environment

New Zealand

Doctor Peter Tozer

Massey University

North America

Doctor Daniel Scheitrum

California Polytechnic State University

South Australia

Doctor Bethany Cooper

University of South Australia


Mr Nick Tsaktsiras

Agriculture Victoria

Western Australia

Mrs Claire Doll

University of Western Australia