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NSW Branch Webinar 31 July 2024


31 July 2024


1:00pm AEDT


online, via Zoom


Sue Ogilvy, Program Director, Farming for the Future
Liz Heagney, Research Director, Farming for the Future
Daniel Gregg, Quantitative Economist & Principal, Heuris Pty. Ltd
Mark Gardner, Regenerative Agriculture Advisor & Principal, Vanguard Business Services


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The Farming for the Future Program: what are its contributions to research, policy and to on-the ground outcomes?

About the presentation:

Farming for the Future has just completed its Livestock Pilot Program, surveying natural capital and farm business performance on 130 farms across five Australian states. Their data set is the biggest of its kind in the world and provides new insights into how natural capital can support productivity, profitability and resilience on Australian livestock farms. 
In this session we will hear from Farming for the Future ‘s Program Director (Sue Ogilvy), Research Director (Liz Heagney), and other contributors (Daniel Gregg, Mark Gardner) to explore the contributions made by this program- from the academic, policy, and on-ground farming perspectives.


About the guest speakers:

Dr Sue Ogilvy leads the Farming for the Future program to establish robust evidence of links between natural capital and financial and non-financial benefits to farm businesses and farming families. 
Farming for the Future aims to catalyse an enduring capability for all levels of the agricultural sector to maximise the production of joint benefits to farmers and to society via the management of natural capital that underpins agriculture. 
Dr. Liz Heagney has been the Research Director at Farming for the Future since 2020.  She is an experienced economic analyst, having worked previously as an infrastructure and environmental economist for the NSW Government for over 20 years. She has designed and implemented large-scale research projects focussing on productivity and efficiency in primary industries and has helped build the case for practice change that improves both economic and environmental outcomes. 
Dr. Daniel Gregg is primarily a researcher focusing on rural development and sustainable agriculture. My background in economics underpins a focus on real-world innovations and interventions that can support inclusive and sustainable (financially and environmentally) economic development.  analysis of coastal management. 
Mark Gardner has worked in Regenerative Agriculture for over 25 years. He is a sought-after speaker and farm management consultant.He currently works with farm family businesses to improve profitability, grazing land management, and family well-being by working with individual families and groups. Recent work has involved farm-level Natural Capital Accounting projects. Mark is a core team member of the Farming for the Future, Natural Capital project.


If you have any queries, please email Sam Miller, Manager Promotion & Development, AARES NSW Branch. 

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