Image 1 for NSW Branch AGM and end-of-year seminar and drinks

NSW Branch AGM and end-of-year seminar and drinks


9 December 2021


4:30pm - 7:30pm AEST


Corinthian Room of the Sydney Masonic Centre at 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Stuart Kells is Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University's College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce, and Honorary Senior Fellow in Federation University's Collaborative Research Centre in Australian History. He was formerly a research fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research; and a member of the Centre for Regulatory Studies at Monash University.
Scott Hamilton is an expert in natural resource management and climate change. A member of the Energy Transition Hub at the University of Melbourne, he writes regularly for
the Mandarin and other publications. He advises governments, businesses and communities on renewable energy and pathways to decarbonisation.


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Sold Down the River: Murray-Darling Basin water policy is a failed neoliberal experiment

Hamilton and Kells explain how key design steps in the Murray-Darling Basin water market were never taken. As a result, the goals of the market have not been achieved; poor conduct is widespread in the market; and there have been large unintended transfers of wealth, including from farmers and irrigators to fast-paced traders who are not otherwise connected to the Basin. The largest traders have enhanced their position in the market by partnering up with large agribusinesses and pension funds to plant novel crops on hitherto unirrigated land.

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