Quality of Research Discovery Award


Quality of Research Discovery Award


The Quality of Research Discovery Award intends to recognise research that makes a significant contribution to the field of knowledge in agricultural and resource economics. The work should demonstrate excellence in research methodology and may deal with conceptualization of researchable problems as well as empirical findings.

Amount of Prize

The winning nomination will receive a $500 cash award to be presented at the Society's annual conference dinner.


At least one of the co-authors of the work must have been a member of AARES when the work was published. Publications for a period of up to three years prior to the 15 November submission due date are eligible for an award.


Entries are to be submitted electronically to the AARES Central Office.  Up to three pages of other supporting evidence—including items such as a statement about the nature of the work and why it is prize-worthy, or letters of support by third parties may be submitted as well.

Entries must be received by 15 November of the year of nomination (for items In Press, page proofs may be submitted along with a letter from the editor or publisher, indicating the date when the work will be published).

The publication may communicate the author's original research or include that of others, and the communication may be directed to audiences inside or outside the profession.

Selection Criteria

Seven major areas are to be considered in evaluating nominations as follows:

  • Importance of topic
  • Timeliness of topic
  • Excellence in published research intended primarily for an academic audience
  • Significance of research to the literature or other media
  • Organization and presentation of research
  • Economic content of research
  • Policy relevance


A maximum of one award will be given per year; however the Society reserves the right to make no award in the event that no entry is judged to be of sufficient merit.

The decision of the Council of the Society will be final and no correspondence will be entered into with entrants. Submission of a publication to be considered for the Prize implies acceptance of all of the conditions of the Prize.

Instructions to the Prize Committee

The committee will include three members. Normally, one member will be replaced each year, so the usual length of tenure of a member is three years. Normally, each member chairs the committee in his/her third year as a member.

The committee will determine the system to be used in judging entries and the specific criteria to be applied.

The committee should finalise its decision at least two weeks prior to the AARES conference in the year of the award, and should advise the Federal Secretary of the result so that he/she can prepare a cheque and certificate for presentation at the conference dinner.

Previous Award Winners

Year Recipient   Publication title
2022 R. Quentin Grafton
Long Chu
Richard T. Kingsford
Gilad Bino
John Williams
Resilience to hydrological droughts in the northern Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
2021 Joshua Brown
Michael Burton
Katrina Davis
Md Sayed Iftekhar
Soren Boye
Blake Simmons
Niels Strange
Kerrie Wilson
  Heterogeneity in Preferences for Nonfinancial Incentives to Engage Landholders in Native Vegetation Management
2020 Michael Burton
Katrina Davis
Marit Kragt
  Scale Heterogeneity and its Implications for Discrete Choice Analysis
2019 No nominations received    
2018 No nominations received    
2017 Julian M Alston
& Abigail M Okrent
  The Effects of Farm and Food Policy on Obesity in the United States
2016 Not awarded    
2015 Jason Beddow and
Phil Pardey
  'Moving matters:  the Effect of Location on Crop Production'
2014 Terrene Hurley,
Xudong Rao and 
Phil Pardey 
  Research published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics on the fundamental implications for the advocacy of agricultural research.
2013 Not awarded    
2012 Dan Rigby,
Francisco Alcon and
Michael Burton
  'Supply Uncertainty and the Economic Value of Irrigation Water'
2011 Abigail Okrent and
Julian Alston
  'Demand for Food in the United States: A Review of Literature, Evaluation of Previous Estimates and Presentation of New Estimates of Demand'
2010 Julian Alston,
Matthew Andersen,
Jenni James and
Philip Pardey
  Persistence Pays: US Agricultural Productivity Growth and the Benefits from Public R&D Spending
2009 Kym Anderson   Distortions to Agricultural Incentives: A Global Perspective 1955-2007
2008 David Pannell   Public Benefits, Private Benefits, and Policy Mechanism Choice for Land-Use Change for Environmental Benefits, Land Economics 84(2): 225-240
2007 No nominations received    
2006 Kym Anderson and Will Martin   Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda

Prize Committees

2022   Stephanie McWhinnie (Chair),Darla Hatton MacDonald, Jeremy De Valck
2021   Darla Hatton MacDonald (Chair), Alec Zuo, Maksym Polyakov
2020   Susan Hester (Chair), Peggy Schrobback, Tiffany Reed-Marshall
2019   F. Jotzo (Chair) / P. Schrobback / S. Hester
2018   F. Jotzo (Chair) / P. Schrobback / S. Hester
2017   S. McWhinnie (Chair) / F. Jotzo / R. Kingwell / P. Schrobback
2016   G. Kerr (Chair) / R. Greiner / S. McWhinnie
2015   P. Burke (Chair) / R. Stringer / G. Kerr
2014   R. Kingwell (Chair) / H. Scarborough / P. Burke
2013   J. Alston (Chair) / R. Kingwell / H. Scarborough
2012   J. Freebairn (Chair) / J. Alston / R. Kingwell
2011   M. Harris (Chair) / J. Mullen / J. Freebairn
2010   J. Mullen (Chair) / M. Harris / R. Kingwell
2009   C. O'Donnell (Chair) / J. Alston / J. Quiggin
2008   A. Rae (Chair) / R. Cullen / C. Tanner
2007   J. Mullen (Chair) / C. Tanner / K. Anderson / J. Bennett
2006   T. Ancev / L. Pechey / R. Cullen / J. Mullen