Henry Schapper Fellowship


Henry Schapper Fellowship

Background and purpose

Dr Henry P. Schapper (1918-2010) was one of a select group of scholars who established agricultural economics as an academic discipline in Australia during the 1950s and cemented its primacy in agricultural policy formation during the 1960s.  He joined the faculty of agriculture at The University of Western Australia in 1952 and headed the School of Agricultural Economics from 1959 until his retirement in 1984.

In memory of Dr Schapper, the West Australian (WA) Branch of AARES will award Visiting Fellowships to leading researchers in fields relevant to economic and ecological sustainability to encourage collaboration with WA researchers.


Schapper Fellowships are available to researchers working in areas directly related to economic and ecological sustainability.  A Visiting Fellow should be a leader in a research discipline and experienced in developing research policy at an institutional, national or international level.

Fellows must identify a WA AARES member as a collaborator on their application.  Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate a high level of benefit to the WA AARES membership.

Fellowship details

One fellowship will be awarded each year.  The WA Branch reserves the right to not award a fellowship in a given year if there are no suitable applicants.

During the visit, of usually 1-2 weeks, the Fellow will undertake to share her/his knowledge or to make recommendations on a specific area of research, to the benefit of the WA AARES membership.  This may include a seminar, workshops with members, or other activities approved by the Selection Committee.  Fellows are also required to submit a brief summary of their visit to be included in the AARES newsletter ‘News and Views’.  The visit must take place within 12 months of being notified of the award.

Selection procedure

Selection is made by the Selection Committee consisting of officers of the WA AARES Branch (Councillor, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotions and Development Manager), chaired by the Branch President.

Length of fellowship

The Fellowship has initially been established for a period of three years, commencing in 2013, with the opportunity for extension by agreement of the WA AARES Branch.


The collaborating WA AARES member is responsible for coordinating the management and administration of the Fellow’s visit.

Additional funds

Nominees are encouraged to seek additional funds to support their visit. In the first instance, the Nominee can enquire with their collaborating WA AARES member as to the potential to secure supporting funds from the member’s institution.

Contact information

Jacob Hawkins
Secretary AARES WA Branch
The University of Western Australia
Email: jacob.hawkins@uwa.edu.au

Henry Paul Schapper

(19 July 1918 - 27 April 2010)

Past Recipients

Year    Past Recipients
2022   Professor Sven Anders, University of Alberta
2021   No prize awarded
2020   Professor Timothy K M Beatty, University of California, Davis
2019   Professor Edward B Barbier, Colorado State University
2018   Professor Stephan Kroll, Colorado State University
2017   Professor Dan Rigby, University of Manchester
2016   Professor Richard J Sexton, University of California, Davis
2015   Professor Robert J Johnston, Clark University
2014   Professor Julian M Alston, University of California, Davis
2013   Professor Ian J Bateman, University of East Anglia