Heading West


AARES-NZARES Travelling West Award


AARES facilitates the attendance of one New Zealand-based AARES member at the AARES conference in Australia in February each year in order to:

  • facilitate contact and discussion among those studying the problems or extending knowledge of agricultural and resource economics in Australia and New Zealand
  • stimulate comparative analysis and discussion of policies and programmes affecting primary industries, resources and the environment in both countries
  • encourage co-operation with scientific and other organisations and institutions engaged in similar or related activities in Australia and New Zealand.

Award recipients must attend and present a paper at the conference.

Amount of Award

NZARES will provide a grant of NZ $1,500 to substantially meet the costs of a return economy class airfare to Australia, accommodation for the duration of the conference, and attendance at the Conference Dinner and other social events at the Conference. AARES will provide complimentary conference registration for the winner of this award and a complimentary ticket to the conference dinner.  


Applicants must be members of AARES and normally reside in New Zealand.


A call for nominations will be advertised in the October edition of News and Views, via email and on the AARES website, and in the NZARES newsletter.

Entries must be received by 15 November.

Entries are to be submitted electronically to the AARES Central Office, and should include:

  1. a paper for presentation at the relevant conference, representing their original and unpublished work;
  2. a one-page biographical statement; and
  3. a one-page statement in support of their application, indicating what they would hope to accomplish through the award, and why they would be deserving of the award.

Selection criteria

  1. First consideration will be given to professionals early in their career and/or those for whom funding to attend the Conference would be difficult to obtain from other sources.
  2. Award recipients must present a paper at the Conference representing original work that has not been published in its current form.   The paper will be judged on the quality of the research reported, its innovativeness, and the writing style.
  3. Preference will be given to papers that are on issues of relevance to both countries, and to those involving cross-jurisdictional comparisons, however, papers on any topic will be considered.
  4. Co-authored papers are acceptable although the award will normally be made to one, normally a more junior, author.  


Submission of an entry to be considered for the Prize implies acceptance of all of the conditions of the Prize.  The decision of the Council of the Society in regard to the winner will be final and no correspondence that questions or challenges results will be accepted from entrants.


Judging will be completed within two weeks of the closing date for entries and the winner will be advised as soon as possible by the chair of the selection committee.  The award will be announced at the respective Conference Dinners and published in the AARES News and Views, NZARES News, and other appropriate outlets. The level of the award will be reviewed by the AARES Council every second year.

Instructions to the Prize Committee

The Committee will determine the system to be used in judging entries and any specific criteria to be applied.

The Committee should finalise its decision by December and the Committee Chair should advise the winner of his/her successful submission (with a copy to the AARES Central Office and the AARES New Zealand Branch President).

The Committee Chair should also advise the other entrants that their submissions were unsuccessful.

Instructions to the Winner

The winner will be advised of his/her successful submission by the Chair of the Prize Committee.

The winner should contact the AARES Central Office who will provide advice on the submission of the winner's paper at the Conference, as well as conference registration and accommodation options.

The winner should initially pay for their own airfares and accommodation.  NZARES will reimburse the winner NZ $1,500 once proof of incurring these expenses has been received.

Electronic submissions (in PDF form) for this award must be emailed to <<office@aares.org.au>>

Travel Awards Committee

The Travel Awards Committee comprises:

  • The President of NZARES (Chair)
  • The President of AARES 
  • The President of AARES NA Branch 
  • The AARES regional representative on IAAE Council
Year   Committee Members
2024   P. Tozer (chair) / S. Tapsuwan / D. Scheitrum
2023   F. Olubode (chair) / T. Mallawaarachchi / K. Fuller
2022   F. Olubode (chair) / F. Scrimgeour / K. Fuller
2021   Not offered
2020   R. Thiagarajah (chair) / S. Wheeler / Z. Dorner / J. Rolfe
2019   D. Austin (chair) / S. Wheeler / J. Rolfe / T. Wahl
2018   D. Austin (chair) / S. Kerr / J. Rolfe / M. McCullough
2017   A. Renwick (chair) / Q. Grafton / S. Wheeler
2016   A. Renwick (chair) / W. Umberger / J. MacEwan
2015   F. Scrimgeour (chair) / W. Umberger / J. MacEwan
2014   M. Newman (chair) / A. Randall / F. Scrimgeour / A. Bekkerman
2013   M. Newman (chair) / A. Randall / A. Bekkerman
2012   B. Bell (chair) / M. Wegener / A. Bekkerman
2011   M. Doak (chair) / J. Quiggin / K. Curtis / M. Wegener
2010   D. Marsh (chair) / P. Pardey / K. Curtis / M. Wegener
2009   S. Ford (chair) / R. Kingwell / T. Marsh / M. Wegener
2008   D. Marsh (chair) / C. O'Donnell / T. Marsh / M. Wegener

Previous Heading West Award Winners

Year   Recipient
2022   TBA
2021   No prize awarded
2020   No prize awarded
2019   Amaka Nnaji, Lincoln University
2018   Farnaz Pourzand, Victoria Business School
2017   Ivan Indriawan, Auckland University of Technology
2016   Prince Maxwell Etwire, University of Otago
2015   Corey Allan, Motu
2014   Yvonne Phillips, Waikato Regional Council
2013   Levente Timar, Motu Economic & Policy Res.
2012   Yuwen (Ann) Yang, NZ Ministry for the Environ
2011   Kim Hang Pham Do, Massey University
2010   Peter Tait, Lincoln University
2009   Bentry Mkwana, University of Waikato
2008   Graeme Doole, University of Western Australia
2005   Dan O'Sullivan, Queensland EPA