Best Post-Graduate Thesis Award


Best Post-Graduate Thesis Award


The Best Post-graduate Thesis Award is intended to recognise the most outstanding Post-graduate thesis in the field of agricultural and resource economics written by a student at an Australian or New Zealand university.

Amount of Award

The author of the winning thesis will receive a $500 cash award and a certificate to be presented at the Society’s Annual Conference dinner.


All theses in agricultural and resource economics accepted (that is, examined and approved) by Australian and New Zealand universities during the 12 months ended 30 September for the award of a post-graduate degree by research, will be eligible. ‘Accepted’ in this sense means approved by the Faculty concerned, irrespective of the date of conferring of degrees. The award is principally designed for students enrolled in PhD programs but other students completing a research higher degree by dissertation (M.Phil. or similar) are still eligible to submit their thesis.

Membership of the Society is not a necessary condition of entry.


Only one thesis may be submitted by any one university Department.

The thesis must be submitted by the Department Head at the university at which the thesis was submitted. An electronic copy of the thesis, plus supporting documentation and a written agreement by the author to the nomination, should be submitted by email to the AARES Central Office. Alternatively, three hard copies of the thesis plus documentation from the university that the thesis will be awarded, are to be forwarded by certified mail or by courier to the AARES Central Office by 15 November.

Department Heads should indicate the relative importance of the thesis in the degree program where part of the training includes some coursework.

Selection Criteria

The Prize will be made on the basis of academic merit within the field of agricultural and resource economics.


In the event of one or more theses being judged to have equal merit, the Prize may be shared. The Society reserves the right to make no award in the event that no entry is judged to be of sufficient merit.

Entries submitted which are considered ineligible by the Prize Committee because they are outside the field of agricultural and resource economics will be returned to Departments prior to consideration of the comparative merit of other entries.

The decision of the Council of the Society will be final and no correspondence will be entered into with entrants or department heads on behalf of entrants. Submission of a thesis for the Prize implies acceptance of all the conditions of the Prize.

Instructions to the Prize Committee

The system and specific criteria for judging the award are decided by the Committee.

Ideally, the Committee should finalise their decision prior to the Conference and advise the Federal Secretary of the result so that he/she can prepare a cheque and certificate for presentation at the conference dinner.

The Committee includes three members. Normally, one member is replaced each year, so the usual length of tenure of a member is three years. Normally, each member chairs the Committee in their third year as a member.

Previous Award Winners

2018   Stefania Mattea, University of Waikato
2017   Thas Thamo, University of Western Australia,
Duc Kien Nguyen, University of Sydney
2016   Katrina Davis, University of Western Australia
2015   Daniel Gregg, Central Queensland University
2014   Sini Miller, Lincoln University
2013       Anthea Coggan, Australian National University

Prize Committees

2018       R. Cullen (Chair), K. Davis, G. Doole
2017       D. Pannell (Chair), M. Kragt, R.Kingwell, M. Polyakov
2016       E. Nolan (Chair), M. Polyakov , S. Hester
2015    A. Mugera (Chair), E. Nolan, J. Windle
2014    E. Fleming (Chair), A. Mugera, E. Nolan
2013    G. Doole (Chair), E. Fleming, A. Mugera