Best Masters Thesis Award


Best Masters Thesis Award

From 2013, the best PhD Thesis Award has been combined with the best Masters Thesis Award in the best Post-Graduate Award.

Previous Winners

Year   Recipient / Thesis title
2012   Tran Thi Thanh Nhan, UWA
Determinants of Investment in Rural Households in Vietnam
2011   No prize awarded
  Marc Mariano, UNE
Farm-Level Efficiencies, Productivity and Technology Adoption in Philippine Rice Farming
2009   Cameron Murray, QUT
New insights into rebounds effects
2008   No Thesis Submitted
2007   Vongpaphane Manivong, UQ
The Economic Potential for Smallholder Rubber Production in Northern Laos
2006   Francis Herbert D'Emden, UWA
Adoption of Conservation Tillage: An Application of Duration Analysis
2005   Bodrum Nahar, UNE
Trade Liberalisation and its Impact on the Rice Sector in SAARC Countries with special reference to Bangladesh 
2004   Peter Tait, Lincoln Uni
Unit-Pricing: Minimising Christchurch Domestic Waste
2003   Emma Moran, Lincoln Uni 
An analysis of the costs of the New Zealand threatened species programmes
2003   Jing Zhang, UWA
Valuing recreational fishing in WA using a random utility model
2002=   Ben Henderson, UWA
Efficiency in Western Australian Broadacre Agriculture: A Comparison between Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis
2001   Nicholas J Berger
Modelling structural and policy changes in the world wine market into the 21st century
2000    No prize awarded
1999   Sallie James, Adelaide Uni
An Economic Analysis of Quarantine and Food Safety Issues Following the SPS Agreement
1998    Kai Chen, UQ
An Economic Evaluation of the Two Farmland System in Shandong Province
1997   Sally Marsh, UWA
The Adoption and Diffusion of Lupins (Lupinus angustifolius) in Western Australia: A Case Study of the Impacts, Costs and Benefits of Agricultural Extension
  Richard Ball, Lincoln University
The Diffusion of Energy Efficiency Innovations among Residential Consumers
1995   K Donohue, UWA
Bioeconomic model of shark fisheries in south-west Australian Waters
1994   C J Cunningham, Melbourne Uni
Type Basis Risk and the Potential for Woolgrowers to Effectively Hedge Using the Sydney Futures Contract
1993   Inman Sugema, UNE
The Dynamics of Macroeconomy-Trade-Agriculture Linkages in the Australian Economy: An Application of Error Correction Models of Cointegrated Relationships
1992   Aileen Murrell, UWA
Does the Producer Benefit from Price Stabilisation? An Empirical Analysis of the Australian Wool Corporation's Reserve Price Scheme
1991   Chris Grace, UNE 
Management of a Top Processing Firm and Demand for Wool at Auction
1991   Gary Stoneham, UQ
An Economic Analysis of Soil Erosion on the Darling Downs
1990   J Kelso, UNE
An Evaluation of Consumer Preference Changes for meat in the United States
1989   I Havrila, La Trobe University
Product Characteristics and Pricing of Woollen Garments at Retail in Melbourne
1988   C E Johnson, Sydney Uni
The Japanese Beef Market: An Economic Assessment of its Structure and Institutions
1987   P A Cashin, Melbourne Uni
The Australian Wheat industry as a Partial Case Study in Deregulation
1986   K Wang
Optimal Policies for Stabilising Pig Prices in Taiwan
1985   Md. Jaforullah, UNE
Supply Response of Sugarcane in the Mill Zones of Bangladesh - An Econometric Study
1984   R Collins, UQ
The Management of Multiple Activities in National Parks under Conditions of Congestion and Ecological Irreversibility
1983   A W Tunstall, La Trobe Uni
The Storage and Pricing of the Victorian Apple Crop
1982   R J Myers, UNE
An Econometric Evaluation of Australian Wheat Pricing Policies
1981   D P Godden, UNE
An Economic Evaluation of Property Rights for Plant Varieties with Special Reference to Plant Variety Rights in Australia
1980   R R Boffey, UWA
An Integration of Ecological and Economic Criteria for Pest Control: A Dynamic Model Applied to Selected Apple Pests in Western Australia
1979   E M Fleming, UNE
Induced Innovation and Factor Relationships in Australian Agriculture
1978   J M Alston, La Trobe Uni
Supply Response in the Australian Orange Growing Industry
1978   Wong Chee-Yoong, UNE
Risk Analysis in the Appraisal of Large Irrigation Projects in Developing Countries -: A Malaysian Case Study
1977   J C Naughin, La Trobe Uni
Retail Meat Marketing Margins in Victoria: A Trading Accounts Approach
1976   P B Paul, Sydney Uni
Characteristics and Adjustment Problems of Former Farm Operators
1975   W Bates, UNE
Technological Change and the Substitution of Capital for Labour in Australian Agriculture
1974   W Hind, Sydney University
The Economics of Primary Schooling in Rural Areas of New South Wales
1973   D P Vincent, Melbourne Uni
Rural Credit and Farm Vability: A Study of the Shelford Soldier Settlement Scheme
1972   N J Thomson, Adelaide Uni
The Incidence and Effects of Death Duties on Woolgrowers of South Australia
1971   No Thesis Submitted
1970   T G MacAulay, Melbourne Uni
An Economic Study of Small Dairy Farms in South Gippsland, Victoria
1969   No Thesis Submitted
1968   P A Cassidy, UQ
Optimum Location, Number and Size of Beef Slaughter Plants in Queensland
1967   R R Officer, UNE
Decision Making Under Risk: A Brief Examination of the Bayesian Approach and an Empirical Study of Utility Analysis in Agriculture
1966   A S Watson, UNE
Wheat Stabilisation Policy: A Supply Study
1966   I R Wills, Melbourne Uni
Beef Cattle Production in the Western District of Victoria
1965   Margaret Waugh, ANU
The Economic Effects of U.S. Public Law 480 (Title 1) Exports on India


The Best Masters Thesis Award is intended to recognise the most outstanding Masters thesis in the field of agricultural and resource economics.

Amount of Award

The winning thesis will receive a $500 cash award and a certificate to be presented at the Society’s Annual Conference dinner.


All theses accepted (that is, examined and approved) by Australian and New Zealand universities during the 12 months ended 30 September, for the award of a Masters degree. ‘Accepted’ in this sense means approved by the Faculty concerned, irrespective of the date of conferring of degrees.

Membership of the Society is not a necessary condition of entry.


Only one thesis may be submitted by any one Department.

The thesis must be submitted by the Department Head at the University at which the thesis was submitted. Three copies of the thesis plus examiners reports and written agreement to the nomination are to be forwarded by certified mail or courier to the AARES Central Office by 12 November.  Electronic copies of the thesis will not be accepted.

Department Heads should indicate the relative importance of the thesis in the degree program.

Selection Criteria

The Prize will be made on the basis of academic merit within the field of agricultural and resource economics.

The system and specific criteria for judging the award are up to the committee.


In the event of one or more theses being judged to have equal merit, the Prize may be shared. The Society reserves the right to make no award in the event that no entry is judged to be of sufficient merit.

Entries submitted which are considered ineligible by the Prize Committee because they are beyond the field of agricultural and resource economics will be returned to Departments prior to consideration of the comparative merit of other entries.

The decision of the Council of the Society will be final and no correspondence will be entered into with entrants or department heads on behalf of entrants. Submission of a thesis for the Prize implies acceptance of all the conditions of the Prize.

Instructions to the Prize Committee

Ideally, the Committee should finalise their decision prior to the Conference and advise the Federal Secretary of the result so that he/she can prepare a cheque and certificate for presentation at the conference dinner.

The Committee includes three members. Normally, one member is replaced each year, so the usual length of tenure of a member is three years. Normally, each member chairs the Committee in their third year as a member.

Masters Thesis Prize Committees

Year   Committee Members
2012   G. Doole (Chair) / E. Fleming / A. Mugera
2011   P. Tozer (Chair) / J. Mullen / G. Doole
2010   P. Tozer (Chair) / J. Mullen / G. Doole
2009   D. Marsh (Chair) / R. Duncan / P. Tozer
2008   Q. Huang (Chair) / D. Marsh / R. Duncan
2007   R. Duncan (Chair) / Q. Huang / D. Marsh
2006   F. Scrimgeour (Chair) / S. Lumley / R. Duncan
2005   S. Lumley (Chair) / M. Morrison / F. Scrimgeour
2004   M. Morrison (Chair) / M. Burton / S. Lumley
2003   M. Burton / M. Morrison / S. Lumley
2002   P. Winter (Chair) / R. Beard / M. Burton
2001   D. Peterson (Chair) / R. Beard / P. Winter
2000   K. Bicknell (Chair) / D. Peterson / R. Beard
1999   D.J. Pannell (Chair) / K. Bicknell / D. Peterson
1998   D.J. Pannell (Chair) / K. Bicknell / D. Peterson
1996   G. Hertzler (Chair) / C. Brown
1995   S. Martin (Chair) / G. Hertzler / C. Brown
1994   J. Webber (Chair) / C. Brown / G. Hertzle