Drawcard events at the 2018 Conference

Pre-conference workshops
Tuesday 6 February 2018

Renewables, Affordability and Reliability: What is the Future of Energy in Australia?

Early in 2017 the Federal Government declared that Australia was in the midst of an energy crisis. With recent (and predicted) blackouts and the closure of the Hazelwood power station, there are considerable concerns around affordability, reliability and security of energy supply in Australia. This workshop raises questions about the future of renewables and the institutional arrangements to deal with these issues. The program is available here.
Contact: Dr Rajabrata Banerjee

Wine Globalization: Past and Prospective

With three of Australia’s premier wine regions within an hour’s drive of Adelaide and perfectly timed to coincide with the late summer vintage, this workshop is in an ideal location. Issues covered include empirical analyses of causes or consequences of trends or cycles in wine production, consumption and trade in an increasingly globalised market. This workshop also serves as the official launch of two new books. The program is available here. 

Contact: Professor Kym Anderson

Agricultural Risk Management

Australian agriculture is risky. Australian farmers have to constantly adapt to changing conditions in this complex environment. Recent developments in insurance and other risk management tools overseas are currently unavailable in Australia. This workshop will discuss and debate the merits of these alternatives in an Australian context.

Contact: Dr Mal Wegener

Climate Co-operation

This workshop will allow in-depth discussion of research, and encourage the development of new research directions for co-operation for climate change mitigation.

Audience: The morning is aimed at those with a strong theoretical background and students interested in developing their skills in this area. The discussion will be in the context of actual climate negotiations but will be abstract. The afternoon will be more practical and will discuss empirical and legal needs as well as applications of theoretical ideas.

Contact: Dr Suzi Kerr 


7 to 9 February 2018

Mini-symposia topics

  1. A special session hosted by the Women in Economics Network
  2. History of agricultural development in the periphery
  3. Electricity market reform and policy
  4. Perspectives on Agricultural and Applied Economics Journals
  5. Exploring rural development innovations (and opportunities) for agriculture, food and tourism
  6. Designing conservation auctions for low participation rates and landholder cost uncertainty
  7. Beeronomics
  8. Farm policy priorities towards 2020
  9. Sustainable forests: Positive and negative incentives and leakage
  10. Issues on the frontier of domestic emission pricing 
  11. Moving with the climate: Climate change impacts and migration
  12. Application of Benefit Transfer Tools in Policy Decisions in Australia
  13. Murray Darling Basin Authority water compliance panel discussion

More details here