The 2016 AARES Conference in Canberra was the 60th Annual Conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.  Our theme ‘Feeding and Energising Emerging Asia and the Pacific: Opportunities for Australia and New Zealand’ was supported by contributions from leading thinkers on ways to achieve broad-based well-being. 

This conference came to Canberra at a critical time for our profession, when designing policies to sustain global prosperity demands a greater understanding of the factors that determine economic and social progress, including uncertainty and heterogeneity. It offered a forum for applied and theoretical economists to gather along with industry and policymakers to share experiences and draw insights. We learned ways to create and grow opportunities to achieve greater and shared prosperity, while better managing the natural environment in our region and beyond.

Canberra offered unique and excellent opportunities to network with decision makers across academic, research, policy and business communities that support agriculture, resource industries and economic development.

In celebrating our 60th Anniversary we introduced a number of new elements into our Conference program that enhanced learning and networking experience for all delegates. It also offered greater opportunities to work with our sponsors to maximise mutual benefits.



Conference Program

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•  Conference Program

•  Pre-Conference Workshops
   1.  Workshop 1:  CGIAR @ 45

   2.  Workshop 2:  Ag & RE in Australia

   3.  Workshop 3:  Drought Policy

   4.  Workshop 4:  Farm Profitability

•  Social Program

•  Invited Speakers

•  Conference Handbook

•  Contributed/Selected Paper Spreadsheet

•  Contributed/Selected Paper Abstracts

•  List of Delegates

•  Media about the Conference



Important Dates

  End Oct 2015 Online registrations open  
  16 Oct 2015   Final date for submission of titles and abstracts for Contributed Papers and Posters  
  16 Oct 2015     Final date for submissions for Donna Brennan Award  
  07 Nov 2015  Authors of Papers and Posters to be advised if their submission has been successful   
  08 Nov 2015 Online registrations open  
  07 Dec 2015 All presenting authors to be registered for the conference   
  31 Dec 2015  Closing date for Early Bird registration  
   2-5 Feb 2016 AARES 2016 Annual Conference   


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  AARES Central Office Annie Hurst  
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