The Local Organising Committee would like to thank all those who participated for a terrific conference. 

Those presenters who wish to have a copy of their papers and presentations uploaded onto the AARES/AgEcon Search websites should email a copy of their submissions to Annie Hurst at the AARES Central Office.


    President's Profile

At the Society's Annual General Meeting held during the 57th Annual Conference in Port Macquarie, 4-7 February 2014, Alan Randall, Professor of Economics at the University of Sydney, became president of the Society.  Alan’s research interests include environmental risk; biodiversity, habitat, and environmental sustainability; environmental regulation, monitoring, and enforcement; and the benefits and costs of environmental projects and programs.  He was Head of the department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Sydney 2011-2013, and Chair of the department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at Ohio State University 1998-2010.

As president-elect of the Society, Alan suggested "Global, Local, Private, Public: Rethinking the Categories, Bridging the Gaps" for the theme of the 2014 Conference.  Dr Nicholas Gruen provided a stimulating perspective on this theme at the Official Opening and Dr Simon Dietz lucidly addressed the economics of catastrophic climate risk in the Opening Plenary Session at the Conference.

Prize Winners

The following prize winners were announced at the AARES 2014 Annual Conference Dinner in Port Macquarie:

Undergraduate Awards 
 - ACT Branch    Sam Davidson, University of Canberra 
 - NSW Branch    Marie Johnston, University of Sydney
 - NZ Branch    Evelyn Truong, Waikato University
 - QLD Branch    Akihiro Omura, Griffith University
 - SA Branch    Alistair Pellen, University of Adelaide
 - WA Branch    Stephen Ingram, UWA
 - VIC & NE Branch    No nominations
Post-graduate Dissertation Award  
 - Joint Winners    Anthea Coggan, ANU
     Elizabeth Nolan, University of Sydney
 Young Professionals Exchange Travel Awards
 - Heading North    Bethany Cooper, Latrobe University
 - Heading South    Mykel Taylor, Kansas State University
 - Heading West    Levente Timar, MOTU
 - Heading East    Stephanie McWhinnie, University of Adealaide
 AJARE Best Paper
 - Klaus Glenk and Sergio Colombo
   Modelling outcome-related risk in choice experiments
 Quality of Research Discovery Award
 - No award  
 Quality of Research Communications Award
 - Abbie Rogers, Marit Kragt, Fiona Gibson, Michael Burton,
   Liz Peterson and David Pannell
 Donna Brennan Award
 - Wenjie Wei, ANU  
 First Time Presenter's Award
 - Marie Johnston, University of Sydney
 Best Poster Award  
 - Abhishek Rohatgi, National University of Singapore
 Best Poster Presentation Award
 - Jan Orlowski, University of Sydney


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